Wilhem Steinitz je govorio: „Šah je intelektualna gimnastika!“

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World Chess Champion Wilhem Steinitz

The first world chess champion was Wilhem Steinitz. He entered the world of chess as a child when chess romance reigned, but he started playing it in 1858, when he came to Vienna. He was born in Prague on May 17, 1836. years.

Steinitz was proclaimed the first chess king after defeating Zuckertort in 1886 with 10 wins, 5 draws and 5 defeats. He defeated his next rival Mikhail Chigorin in 1889 with 10: 6, with one draw.

In 1894, after being world chess champion for 8 years, Steinitz unexpectedly lost to young German chess player Emanuel Lasker, who won 10 games, drew 4 and lost 5. The chess world was skeptical of Lasker's victory because he had not previously had observed success.

After losing the title of world champion, he continued to play in various tournaments. However, poor health and old age affected his later results.

After losing the world title, Steinitz became mentally ill and spent the last years in various health institutions. He died in 1900 in Dubai, as a poor man.

Interesting facts:

  • Wilhem was born in Prague as the thirteenth child in the family of a metal merchant (father Solomon), who wanted his son to succeed him in the profession.
  • He dreamed of becoming a mathematician, but he did not have enough money for education, so he started earning money by playing chess.

Here are his very famous quotes that are still circulating on the internet:

  • “When you have the advantage, you have to attack; otherwise you are in danger of losing the advantage. "
  • "Chess is not for the faint of heart, it completely absorbs a person. To get to the bottom of this game, he must surrender to slavery. Chess is difficult, it requires work, serious thinking and diligent research. "
  • "Chess is intellectual gymnastics!"