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Reasons to play chess | Chess Lessons

Reasons to play chess

It has been widely proven in the world that mental intelligence develops better in children who play chess than in children who do not play this original and increasingly popular sport.

  • If you want your child to have better results in school and in general not to have difficulties in his academic career, it is recommended that he play chess: he will develop mathematical, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal and linguistic intelligence at the same time. As part of the Royal Chess Coaching Academy, we strive to develop emotional intelligence (EQ) synchronously with raising IQ by encouraging creativity and verbal reactivity in training, and often include English expressions and sentences, which further contributes to the exercise of both sides of the brain through linguistic component.
  • Through play, a child learns how to behave, to establish proper social relationships, to develop imagination and creativity, and how to accept defeat.
  • Requiring strategic and critical thinking when playing chess helps develop the prefrontal cortex and especially helps teens make better decisions and prevent irresponsible choices.

Let's not forget the great effects in adults who play chess: first of all, chess helps prevent Alzheimer's disease and strokes, which has been proven by numerous medical studies. Namely, chess improves memory, problem-solving ability, concentration and creativity.

In short …

CHESS is the best pill for mental health!